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Subtle Messages Bath Bomb

Whether it's a direct statement or a subtle message, some things just need to be said. :) Send a bubbly joke to anyone and gift them with a laugh and relaxation. 

The set comes in three, Shut TF Up, Bitch Pill, Chill TF Out Pill.

Elevate your bath game with our Angry Apple Adult Bath Bomb! 🍏 This isn't your grandma's bath time, folks. This bold and sassy bath bomb packs a punch of crisp apple goodness, laced with just the right touch of attitude. 

Drop it in, and watch the magic happen as it fizzes and sizzles, releasing a whirlwind of effervescent awesomeness. The scent of Angry Apple is like a fruity rebellion against the mundane, transforming your bath into a bubbling oasis of excitement.

As you soak in the vibrant colors and fierce fragrance, let go of your day's frustrations and embrace the sassier side of relaxation. This bath bomb isn't just about soaking; it's about making a statement. Treat yourself to a bath that's as vibrant and bold as you are with our Angry Apple Adult Bath Bomb. Because you deserve to have a little attitude with your relaxation. 🍏✨


Each Bath Bomb is 5 - 6 oz each.

Subtle Messages Bath Bomb


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